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Car Air Conditioning Causing A Funny Smell?

Doesn't Seem To Be Doing Anything?

Most car air conditioning systems will lose around 10% of their refrigerant gases each year, leading to a drop in it’s efficiency. Also, dirt, microbes and bacteria can build up inside the air conditioning system. This can lead to a nasty smell coming from your car’s air vents.

Both these issues can be fixed with an Air Conditioning Service at Park Royal Garage. When you bring your car into our garage for an Air Conditioning Service we will clean your air con system, removing the dirt and bacteria.

Once this has been done, we will re-fill the refrigerant and service the system to get it back to it’s peak performance. You will then be able to keep the car cosy with de-misted windows in the cooler months while staying cool in your car while the sun is blazing down on you.

If you have any further questions, get in touch by either calling us on 0208 965 7705 or sending us a message using our Online Contact form.